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Introducing Batch Bottles

Your Go-To Party Accessory

Batch Bottles make it fun and easy to prepare 6 to 8 servings of classic cocktails. You can now prepare a round of drinks hours in advance, chill to preference, and serve at your convenience. It’s no longer necessary to spend your evening mixing individual drinks for each of your guests.

Designed for Ease of Use

Batch Bottles were designed specifically to make the process of mixing cocktails as simple as possible. If you can use a measuring cup, then you can use Batch Bottles. Just fill to the designated levels, shake, and serve!

20 Cocktails | 20 Classics

In order to develop each of the cocktails on our menu, our team performed hundreds of hours of research and testing. We consulted with professional bartenders and referenced classic cocktail books so that you can follow our recipes with confidence.

How it Works


Early Adopters

  • I love this concept. Even with all of the other bar tools out there, Batch Bottles is the only one that makes it truly easy for a novice to make great cocktails.
    — Matt Cooper
  • Not only have Batch Bottles made it super easy to make drinks for large groups, but the design is a gorgeous addition to my bar cart.
    — Ivy Cohen
  • Stop using recipe books! I used to try to do the math to multiply single-serving recipes for parties. As a beta tester, I’ve been so impressed by Batch Bottles.
    — Henry Volkman
  • A delightful mix of convenience and design: Batch Bottles seem obvious in retrospect. Try the Cosmopolitan with organic cranberry juice; it's a game-changer for girl's night.
    — Chrissy O’Connell

In the News

Product Features

High Quality Glassware

Batch Bottles are manufactured from borosilicate glass, a high-quality glass structured from boron trioxide and silica. Borosilicate glass provides greater durability than other types of glass, making it ideal for glassware.

Applied Ceramic Labeling

The colorful designs featured on each Batch Bottle consist entirely of applied ceramic labels (ACL), which are printed directly onto the bottle. This intensive process creates an extremely durable design and a refined, crisp look.

Bottle Closure

Crafted from bohemian crystal, these patented closures have absolutely no impact on aroma or flavor. Our leak-proof closures preserve the integrity of your cocktail, even providing an effective seal for carbonated drinks.


Perfect Proportions

Even if you've never mixed a cocktail, Batch Bottles can help you mix drinks like a master mixologist. Our easy-to-follow instructions make it simple to gather the perfect ingredients, glassware, and garnish for each cocktail. Just fill your bottle to the indicated levels for a classic cocktail every time.

Save Time

Don't find yourself stuck behind the bar at your event, mixing individual cocktails one-by-one. Set aside the inconvenience of shakers and awkward measuring devices. Prepare your Batch Bottles before your guests arrive, and they'll find delicious cocktails chilled to perfection.

Great Gift

Do you have a friend or acquaintance who loves to throw parties? Add a touch of class to his or her next event with a set of Batch Bottles. Whether it's poker night, date night, or movie night, we offer a classic cocktail that will complement your gathering and a design that will be certain to spark conversation.

Find Your Favorites

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